5 Tips To Keep Berries Fresh For Longer

keep berries fresh

Berries are full of nutritional values but a lot of us don’t know about berry preservation. The few methods which we know such as jams, jellies, and marmalades consist of berries, not true to their original form.

Check out the following 5 tips to keep berries fresh for longer.

1. Refrigeration

Bought some strawberries from the market and the temperature is not favorable. Keep them refrigerated. Refrigeration retains the freshness (easily up to 3 days. If you want to utilize berries for a longer time, freeze them. Frozen berries can last up to one year.)

When it’s time to use, keep them at room temperature (or lightly microwave them)

2. Hydrated Vegetable Decoration

You know what they say ‘your surroundings affect you’. This is also true in the world of berries. If you decorate them with fresh green lettuces and leafy vegetables, they will stay fresh.

According to your aesthetic taste, you can perform any desired decoration shape. Keep the lettuces, tomatoes, leafy seaweed fresh and with enough water concentration so that the equilibrium of freshness in maintained holistically, throughout the dish.

If lettuces start to wilt, they will start having their negative impact on berries but if there’s too much water, the berries will get mushy so it is better to have check and balance on both of them.

One admirable decoration plan consists of indirectly watering the roots, with leaves acting as a plate to support the berries. You can also make fruit flower arrangements with berries acting as ‘piece de resistance’, depending upon how you want the final product.

3. Removing Non-Fresh Berries

There are all kinds of berries when you buy from grocery stores. Fresh, mushy, strong colored, weak colored, frail etc. Also, among the good pieces, there are non-fresh berries which are vulnerable to fungal mold and bacterial invasions.

Even if there is a moldy piece among your berries, you better remove it as the mold is contagious. In short, the piece you are unsure of, remove and see that the holistic freshness of the pack is well and alive. Mold loves moisture so keep your berries off moisture. Store them in a cool and dry place.

Wash the berries with water before eating them.

4. Dipping in Vinegar

Dip the berries in a solution of vinegar to keep them fresh and free from moldy spores. Two cups of water along with ½ cup of vinegar is enough.

Dip your berries for 2 minutes, Dry them, and then place them in a plastic container (lined with paper towel).

5. Salt Solution

If you are the salty type, dip your berries in a saline solution i.e. salt + water. It will boost the natural sweetness of the fruit as well as diminish the bitterness of any unripe berry in your pouch. The saline solution also acts as a preservative against pesticides and helps keep your fruits and vegetables fresh.

Dip your fruits and vegetables for about two minutes and later, clean your berries with water and store them in a refrigerator.

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