Kiwi Berry – The New Cute Fruit

kiwi berry

Kiwi berry is essentially just mini kiwis.  And like the kiwi the fruit is packed with fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin E. However, the taste isn’t the same – they’re sweeter, more acidic, and have a wonderful aromatic taste. And, perhaps most noticeably, they’re much cuter.

Native to northern Asia regions that have cooler the kiwi berry, or Actinidia Arguta, has been growing in other parts of the world, including Canada and the United States, for over 100 years. This is remarkable insofar as they have largely remained under the radar, from a commercialized standpoint, for most of that time.

The kiwi berry’s lack of notoriety to this point is due in large part to the cost associated with costs of harvesting and handling the fragile fruit. This is far in excess of regular kiwis as the berries need to be handpicked.  The kiwi berry is only the size of a grape and has smooth edible skin. The actual flesh of the kiwi berry is a vibrant green.

The kiwi berry is grown in regions with cooler climates and is the kind of fruit that can withstand very cold temperatures. For instance, New England in the USA, the southern coast of Chile, and part of New Zealand are all areas where the berry can be found.

As it stands, this cute little fruit isn’t readily available for all consumers (although they’re not impossible to find), but we fully expect that to change in coming months and years. The grape-like appeal is destined to catch on, we’re convinced, and cute factor is bound to increase their popularity.

Stay tuned to The Berry Godmother for more news on the new cute fruit. In the meantime take a look at our Kiwi Berry Omelette.


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