Wednesday, April 24, 2019
This will wet your whistle! A deliciously fresh strawberry margarita will ‘wow’ your guests, and probably have them asking for a second round. These are great on a hot summer day. We like to place a few whole strawberries...
goji tequila sunrise

Goji Tequila Sunrise!

In contrast to what the Eagles might think, this is NOT just another tequila sunrise! Instead, it’s the healthiest cocktail out there - The Gogi Tequila Sunrise. This is not a Berry Godmother creation, but we give full kudos...
So perfectly refreshing. So perfectly simple. If you’ve got a Soda Stream Machine then you're really set. If not, Perrier or Pelligrino will work just fine. Either way, be sure to pre-chill the water before making the drink -...

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