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Often considered a superfood. Blueberries are a nutritious and popular snack food for many people. Easily added to cereal, yogurt or fruit salad, blueberries are versatile to be included to almost any meal time. If you are looking for a new...
Berry Songs

Top 5 Berry Songs of All Time

We love everything berry, and music is no exception. There’s been many a great song written with berry references. We’re working on the complete catalog for our die-hard readers. That said, The Berry Godmother’s Top 5 berry song list is...
berry powder

Top 5 Berry Powders

The benefits of berries are well documented. Berries of all kinds are full of valuable antioxidants, nutrients, and dietary fiber. The Super Food tag has been applied to several berries including Acai, Gogi, and Aronia. In today’s fast paced world...

Top 5 Berry Kitchen Tools

These helpful little tools are not only fun to work with, but save you time and minimize the mess. In this Top 5, The Berry Godmother lists its favorite berry kitchen tools. 1. The StemGem Strawberry Huller This little gem makes...
Gummy vitamins have become extremely popular – both for kids and adults. There’s a wide array of options and brands, and The Berry Godmother lists it’s Top 5 based on the quality of the vitamin and the deliciousness of...
smoothie blender

Top 5 Smoothie Blenders

Smoothie s were all the rage. They are still all the rage. And, they will continue to be all the rage for long into the future. Why? They are easy, fast, and extremely healthy. It’s hard to think of...

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