It’s Story Time – Berry Style


Attention all parents – this is the website you’ve been waiting for. A storytime bonanza. And then some!

Introducing Storyberries: a wonderfully designed website that offers a rich catalog of both classic and contemporary children’s stories. The stories are presented in an easy-to-read format and are accompanied by inspirational illustrations.

Jade Maitre, the founder of Storyberries, describes her site as “a welcoming place to harness the power of literature to empower children to understand their own evolving natures and special place in the world.”

When we inquired about the name (obviously we at The Berry Godmother think it’s great) Maitre informed us that “strawberries, of course, are very delicious, and when I came up with Storyberries I felt it had a lovely ring for the site: memorable, sweet, and healthy for the soul.”

The stories are selected and organized by theme, and thereby enable parents, teachers, caregivers and children to share select literature and apply it to specific common childhood issues such as bullying, empathy, beauty, self-confidence, helping, stranger danger and more.

The offering includes fairy tales, picture books, comics, poems, etc. In addition, there’re options for selecting material based on age, length of the story, and theme. It’s a great way to find the perfect story for any situation. There’s also a great blog with lots of important topical information.

With a mission to provide quality literature to children, and foster “an understanding between people and cultures,” Maitre encourages writers, illustrators, and organizations alike to volunteer materials to help grow and enhance this endeavor.

Already, there are over a million reads per month – an incredible feat in such a short amount of time. It’s a real testament to the quality of both the website and the stories within it. This growth, says Maitre, plays into our name insofar as “I see us as a berry bush, sprouting here picture books, there poems, there comic books, there audio stories, and always growing bigger and more lush with time!”

Enjoy. Your kids will love it.

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