Getting Fit. Bit by Bit. – The New Fitbit Ionic Watch

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch
Image Source: Fitbit

Lately, keeping fit has become more of a necessity than a luxury activity. There is such a huge spike in the lifestyle diseases we are suffering as a country that we need to keep an eye on the way our body is feeling. In an era where people work many hours in a day and live off coffee in the office then it is good to have someone looking out for you. Our moms cannot come to work and make sure we are staying healthy but you can get something that will help. The new Fitbit Ionic watch is going to do it for you. While you are so busy working you can hardly remember if you ate you need technology that will keep you in line.

Now let us take a look at some of the features on this smart-watch both hardware and software.

  • Pre-installed workouts.

That’s right this smart-watch has some pre-installed workouts. This means you can watch them on the watch screen or connect to yurt v or phone to watch. This makes it easier to have a workout without scouring the web for leads. You can also enjoy the fact that the workouts are selected for target areas such as building abs of losing flabby arms.

  • Monitors your heart rate.

Unless you’re working out or you are in a highly tense situation then your heart rate should be just fine. This watch will try and keep track of that. Any increased or reduced spikes will lead to a notification sent to your mobile device. If you notice anything wrong then go ahead and visit a doctor.

  • Built-in GPS.

Just like most smart-watches in this century, you will have built-in GPS that will show you where you are going and can even give you step by step directions.

  • Pay for stuff.

Fitbit has come up with a platform on which they built this option to pay for goods using the watches NFC. You can just choose to pay and input an amount and then place it on the reader. How cool would it be to not carry a wallet and enjoy some delicious blueberries at a shop after a run?

  • Tracks your sleep.

You may find that you are having trouble sleeping but you cannot be 100% sure that you’re not getting enough sleep. This watch will track the number of hours you sleep. You will also be happy to know it can even count the number of steps you make and even when you climb stairs.

  • Battery life.

This smart-watch can last up to 5 days without a boost. It is one of the best watches in the market in term of battery life.

  • Healthy food options.

The Fitbit ionic watch has some of the best health options on the market. From planned food meals to fruit intake in a day you can keep track of what goes into your body. Get some cranberries sauce to go with your ham pieces and make it extra sweet and healthy.

If you’re interested in the new Fitbit then follow this link to Amazon to purchase.

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