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At The Berry Godmother, we’re always on the “berry beat” looking for trends, adventure, products, inspiration, and anything related to berries. We love great berry stories. We also love high-quality berry products. In the case of Arctic Power Berries, we appear to have stumbled across both.

Originally from the Arctic Circle, two adventurous women, Anna and Eve, have brought their Northern charm, and Northern goodness to the rest of the world. The two have debunked the myth about not doing business with friends, and appear to have found a way to not only maintain a positive and healthy friendship but to also compliment each other’s skill sets in a business environment. Pretty awesome.

After recently sampling some their product – Arctic Power Blueberry Powder – we realized we’d come across something pretty fantastic. Our smoothies took on a whole new quality. And deliciousness. Our interests were perked even further once we read about the founders on their website where they openly share their story about the evolution of their product.

In doing so, they pay their respect to their homeland: “We would never sell something that we would not use ourselves every day. All the credit for our delicious products goes to our much-loved home country and its beautiful nature, which provides us these high quality, premium, natural ingredients.”

To be sure, the Arctic Power Berries products promote a healthy lifestyle and a better diet. The powders all contain a rich variety of antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. In addition, they’re all gluten-free, contain no added “non-sense” (we love this), and have only natural sugars.

No one appreciates the benefits of berries the way we do at The Berry Godmother, but we know that there are other things to enjoy in life too. Anna and Eve appear to have this appreciation as well – which we think is great.

“Healthy lifestyle shouldn’t mean not having fun and having a healthy breakfast doesn’t mean saying no to a double cheese pizza and drinks in the evening. All they do is make life taste and feel good!” And we couldn’t agree more.

Do yourself a favor and check out the Arctic Power Berries products – we guarantee you’ll be impressed. Follow this link to Amazon.

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