Get Busy With The Fizzy. Again!


Back in the 70’s and 80’s SodaStream machines were all the rage and the ‘go-to’ product for any trendy kitchen.  The slogan: Get busy with the fizzy. There was a fascination with being able to make your own soda right in the confines of your own home.

That trend has been revived, and once again the SodaStream machine is surging in popularity.  And why not – it produces fresh sparkling water with the press of a button.

Powered by a CO2 cylinder, SodaStream allows you to transform tap water into a zesty sparkling water in seconds. There’s plenty of flexibility to control both fizziness and flavor. It’s pretty simple. And very effective.

An alternative to tap or bottled water is a great thing. An alternative to sugar drinks is even better. Incredibly, Sodastream’s studies show that households with SodaStream machines consume 43% more water-based drinks than houses that don’t. Wow.

The addition of new Fruit Drops – we love the Raspberry Fruit Drop, of course – make the sparkling water even more delicious, and attractive for the kids. These unsweetened and natural drops are simply added to the water during the fizzing process. They’re  bought separately, and make up to 80 servings. Pretty awesome.

The Drink Mix line provides another option for flavoring your fizzy water. These are naturally flavored, zero calories, stevia sweetened alternatives. Each bottle makes up to 36 servings. They come in a range of flavors too.  We’re really liking the Berry Drink Mix.

Get ‘busy and fizzy’ with SodaStream.

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