Top 5 Berry Kitchen Tools

These helpful little tools are not only fun to work with, but save you time and minimize the mess. In this Top 5, The Berry Godmother lists its favorite berry kitchen tools.

1. The StemGem Strawberry Huller

This little gem makes strawberry preparation so much easier. Simply press the button to extend the claw, and boom, you’ve pulled the berry. It also works on other soft fruits. It’s a great task for kids, and it’s dishwasher friendly.

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2. The MSC Joie Strawberry Slicer

Make your berry slices perfect. This pretty little slicer has stainless steel blades and slices berries with ease. It’s awesome for pies, salads, garnishes, and snacks. It cleans up easy in the sink.

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3. Rubbermaid Produce Saver

Rubbermaid understands berries. The clever technology will keep your fresh produce fresher for much longer. It’s possible to buy just one, but once you have one you’ll want more – we guarantee it, and why we recommend the 5 set package.

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4. Berry Basket and Colander

This multi-purpose and stackable basket reduces the need for plastic and is a great way to strain, store and serve berries. Remember, don’t wash your berries until you’re ready to eat them.

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5. The Norpro Cherry Pitter

This clever little device works like a charm. The automatic feed tray allows you to pit a bag of cherries in no time. It’s a good task for kids, it’s easy to clean, and its perfect for preparing cherries for freezing or canning.

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