Top 5 Berry Songs of All Time

Berry Songs

We love everything berry, and music is no exception. There’s been many a great song written with berry references. We’re working on the complete catalog for our die-hard readers.

That said, The Berry Godmother’s Top 5 berry song list is as follows:

1. Blueberry Hill

Pretty much a no-brainer. The Fats Domino tune from the 40’s stands the test of time. It’s a classic. It’s a gem. We love it.


2. Strawberry Fields Forever

Some will argue that our #1 is actually not a no-brainer and that this Beatles classic is, in fact, the best berry song. It’s a good argument – this is a great song. And we’re giving it a solid #2 ranking.


3. Raspberry Beret

A great tune. An even better video (especially if you were an 80’s teen). RIP Prince – you rocked it.

4. Strawberry Blonde

This Ron Sexsmith tune is awesome. Period.

5. Cloudberries

The Brits hit again with the Super Fury Animals and Cloudberries. It’s mellow, melodic, mildly trippy, and cool.


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