Saturday, May 25, 2019


We encourage and appreciate creativity, inspiration, and originality. That said, we have some basic guidelines. These are as follows:

Berries: First and foremost – we like berries. Berries are a must. Anything and everything to do with berries will be considered.

Originality: We can only accept posts that have 100% original content. Unfortunately, we cannot accept posts that have been published on another site, blog, book, app, or if the content has been plagiarized in any way then we won’t post it.

Tone: We encourage content that is positive, upbeat, inspirational, personable and topical – remember, we love berries.

Content: We are open-minded with respect to topics as long as they somehow pertain to berries. Topics that address health, nutrition, cooking, trends, gossip, fashion, science, or pretty much anything that has a berry spin will be considered.

Word Count: Posts can be range from 300-600 words depending on the type of post.

Writers: We are open to wide range of contributions. Please tell us how you are an expert, authority, or otherwise on the topic you write about. Ideally, we’re looking for people who are well informed on the topic and have great writing and communication skills.

Approved: Articles that we approve will be showcased in applicable sections of The Berry Godmother site. We don’t compensate our writers, but we are able to attach a short bio to your articles and add links to your website and social media channels.

We Welcome Regular Theme Based Contributors:  We would encourage an ongoing (weekly, monthly) theme based column from talented contributors. In these cases, your column and bio would be showcased, and you would be recognized as part of the team. We would happily bring greater attention to your posts, and to your bio, website and social media platforms.

Terms of Service: We require all contributors to understand and accept our terms of service, and recognize that our editorial team has full discretion to edit, remove, and or adjust your post and headline as needed.

Please Email us your Submission (no word documents please). Please Include the Following:

  1. A brief description of what you’re trying to accomplish, and what makes you a person of interest or knowledge on the subject.
  2. Your post with a working headline.
  3. A Short Bio (4-5 sentences maximum) with any links to your website and/or social media channels, and the email address linked to your Gravatar account ( so your picture can appear with your post.
  4. Any images you wish to attach please ensure they’re of high quality and that you have legitimate ownership of it (ideally a minimum 800 pixels wide).


Please submit to:

Thanks very much. We look forward to working with you.

The Berry Godmother